1. General Conditions:

The General Conditions that govern the contractual relationship whereby the User acquires products or services that the online shop www.yellowskinshop.com makes available through the URL have been drafted in accordance with Law 34/2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, Law 7/1998 regarding General Conditions of Contracting, Royal Decree 1906/1999 which regulates Telephonic or Electronic Contracting with general conditions in the implementation of article 5.3 of Law 7/1998, Law 26/1984 General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, Law 7/1996 on Retail Commerce, Royal Decree-Law 14/1999 regulating the Electronic Signature and any applicable legal provisions.

www.yellowskinshop.com operating under the company Yellow Skin S.L., inscribed in the Mercantile Registry of Córdoba CIF B-14988695 and with registered office at Polígono Industrial Cruz de la Vega, 66 whose activity is the textile industry. It possesses the necessary resources and authorizations to that end.

The User who contracts will have to also accept the applicable conditions that are established for the product or service that is the subject matter of the purchase. The user who acquires products from the online shop www.yellowskinshop.com, acknowledges having read these Contracting Conditions and expresses full adherence without reservation to each and every one of them.

The conditions set forth herein may be amended at any time by Yellow Skin S.L. Such amendments shall be set out in this document, which the user may access at any time and obtain a physical copy of by printing.

2. Responsibility of the Buyer

The Buyer, any individual who wishes to acquire a good from the online shop www.yellowskinshop.com and receive it at predetermined destination in exchange for the economic consideration that is established in each case, is responsible for all of the information and representations that are included in the forms of the online shop www.yellowskinshop.com, as well as the content of any other communication that is sent. The User will be liable for the veracity of the information provided, being at the discretion of www.yellowskinshop.com the right to exclude registered services to all users who have provided false information, without prejudice to all other actions otherwise available by law. The user will be absolutely responsible for the use they make of the acquired product, holding harmless www.yellowskinshop.com for any liability derived from any damage that any correct or incorrect use of that product might cause.

Prior to committing to the contract, the user shall review the product specifications, price, applicable taxes and features. By sending the corresponding contracting form, the user accepts the registration and contracting conditions set forth herein and agrees to comply with the use and prohibitions set out in these conditions.

The fact that the user fills out the form does not imply automatic acceptance by www.yellowskinshop.com of said request; but rather, it will be understood as being accepted when www.yellowskinshop.com sends an email acknowledging the request after the corresponding payment for the acquired product or service is made. The user agrees that if their payment information does not allow www.yellowskinshop.com to collect payment, the requested product or service will not be granted to them. The user agrees to pay the price of the product and to make use of said product in accordance with the law and the conditions herein.

Only individuals over the age of 18, may contract on their own behalf, or on behalf of the legal entity they duly represent under a power of attorney.

www.yellowskinshop.com reserves the right to cancel an order due to supplier’s failure to deliver, www.yellowskinshop.com shall refund to the user their funds via the same method of payment.

3. Purchase System 

The products and services offered on the online shop www.yellowskinshop.com, together with their specifications, features, images, and price will appear on-screen. The prices on the screen are listed in euros and are inclusive of tax, transportation costs and any other applicable taxes at the time, barring typographical errors. Special offerings will be duly indicated on-screen. www.yellowskinshop.com reserves the right to choose at the time which products and services are offered to the user through the shop www.yellowskinshop.com reserves the right to stop providing access, at any time and without notice, to any of the products offered on the online shop www.yellowskinshop.com. In order to acquire the products from the online shop www.yellowskinshop.com, the user will be asked to register and thereby must comply with the instructions that appear on the screen, as well as any other instructions that are included on the online shop www.yellowskinshop.com. The user must fill out the registration form in full (in the event they had not previously filled it out for any of the services of the online shop www.yellowskinshop.com). The Username and Password given by the user to www.yellowskinshop.com are identifying and enabling elements to access and make purchases and are of a personal, non-transferable, and modifiable nature. 

Once registered, and in order to purchase products or services, the user must select the product they wish to acquire according to the instructions laid out on the screen, thereby filling out the purchase order form and validating it, which signifies the reading and irrevocable acceptance of each and every one of the General Conditions herein, as well as the conditions applicable to the product that is the subject matter of the purchase.

Once the purchase is made, as soon as possible, www.yellowskinshop.com shall send an order confirmation by email to the user. The order confirmation will have no validity as an invoice. The purchase prices will be in force at the time the order is made. Shipping costs are calculated at the time the order is made and are based on the units ordered and the weight of said units. The user may know at any time prior to purchasing the amount of shipping costs. The shipping rates may vary without previous notice.

www.yellowskinshop.com reserves the right to cancel the username and password and therefore access to the online shop www.yellowskinshop.com to those users whose accounts are in arrears or in default with www.yellowskinshop.com 

4. Responsibility of www.yellowskinshop.com

www.yellowskinshop.com agrees to make available to the User, on the online shop www.yellowskinshop.com, the necessary information with respect to the products offered and the contracting conditions.  

The contents and services may change and www.yellowskinshop.com reserves the right to change the brand, logo, domain name www.yellowskinshop.com, the layout and whatever elements it deems appropriate concerning its products. The user accepts access to the online shop www.yellowskinshop.com, the content and service of said site is that which is in existence at any given time.

www.yellowskinshop.com shall manage along with different transport companies the delivery of the product so that it is carried out under normal conditions within the timeframe stipulated according to the form of delivery chosen, counting from the date on which payment for the product is received. Notwithstanding, the user acknowledges and accepts that different external conditions may alter these timeframes.

www.yellowskinshop.com may contract or collaborate with subcontractors or assign signed contracts to third party entities, in order to carry out the delivery of the aggregate or a portion of the products which has been undertaken in furtherance of the different operations that are formalized in accordance with that which is set forth herein.

www.yellowskinshop.com will not be liable for the availability and proper continuity of operation of the product and damages of any kind that the users might incur due to interruption, termination or service malfunction, for reasons not attributable to www.yellowskinshop.com Likewise, www.yellowskinshop.com will not be liable for the misuse, faulty installation or improper handling of the product by the user or a third party failing to follow the instructions.

www.yellowskinshop.com requires its suppliers to comply with European legislation. Therefore, www.yellowskinshop.com will not be held liable for personal or property damages due to use of the product. Furthermore, www.yellowskinshop.com will not be held liable for personal or property damages arising from a manufacturing defect or improper use of the product.

In accordance with the Civil Code and other applicable legislation, the manufacturer will be directly liable for specifications, flaws or latent defects, and quality. www.yellowskinshop.com will only be liable for any of these circumstances if the aforementioned defects or irregularities are due to some intentional, culpable, or negligent act by www.yellowskinshop.com 

www.yellowskinshop.com will not be liable for any product being out of stock. 

In any event, the liability that could be attributed to www.yellowskinshop.com will be limited to the price of the product acquired by the user.

www.yellowskinshop.com at its discretion reserves the right to immediately remove access to the service and the online shop www.yellowskinshop.com of those users who contravene that which is set out in the conditions herein, without the possibility of refund in the event payment has been made.

Specifically, www.yellowskinshop.com may cancel the contract: 

a.- When access is used for non-legitimate purposes, including those enumerated in this contract and in the legal notice of the online shop www.yellowskinshop.com

b.- When the payment information given in the contracting process is erroneous or makes billing or collection of the agreed upon service impossible.

c.- In the event of uses that are either fraudulent or in bad faith.


The retail price is inclusive of VAT, and other taxes when applicable, in accordance with applicable legislation. The retail price is not inclusive of shipping costs.

The payment of the price of the goods purchased and the shipping costs that appear on the screen, may be made by credit/debit card and bank transfer, in accordance with the payment methods that are shown at that time. Cash on delivery is not allowed. 

In order to proceed to payment, the user must follow each and every one of the instructions that appear on the screen, providing the following information: a) card NUMBER; b) Expiration date; c) Card Verification Value (CVV), d) As well as any other information requested on-screen as a system of electronic payment.

www.yellowskinshop.com has installed a secure online payment gateway with La Caixa. All of the data provided to this end are encrypted to guarantee maximum security over said data. The data are stored on a secure server certified by SSL protocol.

In the event payment is made by credit/debit cards, www.yellowskinshop.com will never store related information, carrying out all the validating transactions with said cards directly with the issuing bank.

Visa and Master Card have developed a system for making secure payments on the Internet. The Secure Electronic Commerce system is based on the Issuer of the card (bank or savings bank) identifying the cardholder prior to authorizing the payment over the Internet.

www.yellowskinshop.com adheres to this security protocol so that once the product to be purchased has been selected and the card number has been entered, a window of the Issuer is opened that requests identification and shows one of the following icons:

The information on your card and your password are protected by this system from the moment they are entered.

Once the identification process is completed, the Issuer communicates to www.yellowskinshop.com that the purchase is being made by the cardholder who may then complete the process. If the identification has not been successful, the Issuer communicates the result to www.yellowskinshop.com which may take appropriate measures.

This window is beyond the control of www.yellowskinshop.com as any related incident that may arise is the responsibility of the Issuer who should be contacted by the user if faced with this situation.

To guarantee the utmost security for our customers, www.yellowskinshop.com reserves the right to request the corresponding identification documents and method of payment from the user prior to delivering the order. 

The order may be paid by bank transfer to the account of www.yellowskinshop.com When the order is made and this form of payment is selected, upon confirming the transaction, the user will receive an email with the order number and the account number where the funds are to be sent. It is very important to put in the comments section the order number and Yellow Skin as the holder of the destination account. Otherwise, the shipping of the products may be delayed by several days. The transfer should be made in the exact amount of the order without adding any kind of cost or commission for handling or issuing. The Customer has 3 business days from the date of the order to make payment. After this period of time without receiving the transfer or proof of transfer, the order will be cancelled.