Men’s Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts have become the quintessential men’s summer garment. It is a must-have in any basic wardrobe anywhere in the world. And above all during summertime, in addition to being much more comfortable to wear because of the heat, it is also now a garment that will accompany you in the latest fashion trend. So if you are a fashionista but like to stay comfortable and cool during the warmest time of the year, Bermuda shorts are made for you.

Men’s Bermuda shorts have a long and interesting history behind them. We will tell you the origin of men’s Bermuda shorts as well as the latest fashion trends.

Origin of Men’s Bermuda Shorts

The origin of men’s Bermuda shorts goes back to the 20th century on Bermuda Island when the British soldiers arrived there.


Once in the archipelago the British soldiers realized that it was very difficult to stand the high temperatures and humidity of the Caribbean climate in their formal military uniforms. And they made the decision to cut their uniform trousers. And without realizing it or trying, they were creating fashion. Promptly the island inhabitants themselves decided to imitate them, becoming something typical on the island from that moment on.  It was thanks to that milestone that those short pants were called Bermuda shorts, in honor of the archipelago where they were born.

In other countries such as India for example, when soldiers arrived and experienced the unbearable heat, they began to study different clothing options and available fabrics, settling on the coolest of the area, like linen in the case of India. But the British soldiers soon realized Bermuda Island did not have the natural resources necessary to produce that kind of fabric. They only had cotton production.

Starting at that moment, men’s Bermuda shorts spread to all areas of life, including work, where they were accepted as a typical garment in the area of business. Of course they added their own touch, matching them with a blazer, shirt, tie, and knee-high socks. 

Nowadays Bermuda shorts are the national clothing for men. Both for day wear, as well as evening.

What Are Bermuda shorts?

Bermuda shorts are not to be confused with short pants. It’s considered to be Bermuda shorts when the length is approximately four centimeters above the knees with a hem that can vary anywhere from two to ten centimeters, give or take.

Men’s Bermuda shorts have adapted to the times and evolved to offer a wide range of different styles and a broad palette of colors and fabrics. On Bermuda Island, for example, pastel colors such as rose and blue are typical.

They can be worn either tight-fitting or baggy, that depends on each person’s preferences.

Whether your style is casual and urban, or elegant and flashy, we have the perfect Bermuda shorts for you. With our men’s Bermuda shorts you will not go unnoticed, create your perfect outfit and start standing out.

Men’s Denim Bermuda Shorts

And, if jeans are men’s preferred winter garment, why give them up during the summer?  Don’t, because Bermuda shorts of denim fabric are the star article of clothing in men’s summer attire and are trendy every season. You can find them in different versions, because it’s all about a versatile outfit you can wear for any occasion.

Men’s White Bermuda Shorts

Choosing an appropriate color is not as easy as it seems. The same colors do not look equally good or bad on every person. But if there is a color that is universal and looks good on everyone, it’s white. 

Men’s white Bermuda shorts are a fashion imperative every summer. They never stop being trendy, and the thing is that they are ideal for both wearing indoors as well as places like the beach. Moreover, it is the perfect color to show off your tan. You can wear them both for a daytime activity as well as being elegant in the evening, matched with a dress shirt and appropriate footwear. If you want to look even more formal, you can wear a belt.

How to Match Men’s Bermuda Shorts?

With an article of clothing so versatile as men’s Bermuda shorts, you can achieve many different looks. You can go from an informal and relaxed style to being the most elegant in the room. The trick is to know how to play with styles and match Bermuda shorts with other garments or footwear depending on the occasion, or time of day or night.

Know that if you match Bermuda shorts with a t-shirt your look will be more casual and relaxed, but if you match them with a shirt you will achieve a much more elegant and enchanting look.

Spanish Manufacturing of Men’s Bermuda Shorts

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Value for Men’s Bermuda Shorts

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Our men’s Bermuda shorts will adapt to your body in the best way, giving you freedom of movement and helping you have the summer of your life.