Men’s Shirts

Men’s shirts are a classic no wardrobe can go without. Moreover, nowadays there are a great variety of shirts intended for all kinds of occasions and times.

From men’s striped shirts to printed or plain shirts, dress shirts or more informal shirts, at Yellow Skin we have the perfect shirt store you have been looking for that will let you to put together any kind of outfit.

White Shirts

The traditional white shirt matches with more formal looks intended for work and is ideal with any dress pants or chino pants, but that’s not all. Its versatility allows you to create much more relaxed, everyday looks. Try matching it with torn jeans and sneakers!

Men’s Hawaiian Shirts

The arrival of summer is always accompanied by tropical trends full of color, tropical floral and wild leaf prints. And what better way to wear this summer trend than Hawaiian shirts?

At Yellow Skin we have men’s Hawaiian shirts with a wide variety of prints and colors so you can choose your favorite. With it you can create beach looks and add a “rocking surfer” flair to all your outfits.

Try matching with denim Bermuda shorts if you prefer not to go outside your comfort zone, or with Bermuda shorts that are red, orange, or even green if you are a bold young man who lives to take chances.

Men’s Mandarin Shirts

Mandarin shirts are a youthful trend that provide a chic touch to all your looks. Take a white mandarin shirt to match with all kinds of garments, and if you already have one, it’s time to take a chance and try all kinds of colors. You will never have too many!

Men’s Shirts for Any Time of Year

At the Yellow Skin firm we know the importance a shirt has, so in our Spanish workshops we design and tailor great quality garments for different times of the year.

Men’s long-sleeved shirts are perfect for cold periods like winter and autumn, while men’s short-sleeved shirts are ideal for warmer times like summer and spring when the first rays of sunshine start peaking through.

The arrival of high temperatures is not synonymous with giving up on men’s fashion. At Yellow Skin we have all kinds of men’s garments so you can dress anywhere from the most formal looks for special events, to everyday looks where “sporty chic” is our best friend.

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The Best Shirts for Men on our Online Store

If you are looking for the best men’s shirt, at Yellow Skin we have just what you were looking for. We pay attention to detail in our designs, so that you look impeccable. Furthermore, our brand of men’s fashion focuses on the best fabrics in order to be able to offer you only the best quality shirts at an unbeatable price.

The Making of a Classic: The Shirt for Men

At Yellow Skin, we know the importance of a shirt in any wardrobe, so the process is clear and detailed:

1.     We buy top quality fabrics in specialized countries such as Turkey

2.     We create the design of the shirt with attention to detail, keeping in mind the latest trends

3.     We create a prototype to ensure that the result is perfect before producing it

4.     We send the fabrics to our workshops in Spain where the shirts come to life

5.     Finally, our Yellow Skin shirts go through a finishing stage where they are ironed, tagged, and prepared for their subsequent distribution.


Trends in Men’s Fashion: Shirts for the Summer of 2020

For shirts, with the arrival of the hot weather, earth tones like light brown and beige take center stage together with the freshness provided by blue colors. Therefore, if you still do not have a men’s shirt with these tones, it is time you get yours.

Moreover, checkered shirts join this trend and will play a major role during the hot months. And for the most daring, there is also good news, flashy prints are back in style and ready to be all the rage!