Men polo shirt

There are certain garments that do not go out of style, they arrive to stay. I do not think this is coincidence, they are special clothes that every generation likes and they keep liking them throughout years, decades and centuries.

Mens polo shirt is a classic garment usually tucked with two or three buttons in the neck or without any of them in certain occasions, this piece of clothing has been throughout our lives for a long time and it keeps doing so these days.

It is associated with sport in general and particularly with polo, being the reason of its name. It is this characteristic what gives the mens polo shirt refreshing and invigorating connotations that fill it with life.

The masculine polo shirt is a classic in a wardrobe of who likes to be fashionable.

A polo shirt is as comfortable as a basic t-shirt but with a sophisticated touch that can transform a boring look into one with style and more personality.

Even tough the polo shirt is a genderless garment, its use is more frecuente in the masculine sector and that is why the mens polo shirt has had a greater evolution, adapting to different tendencies and cyclical times of the fashion industry that are constantly changing. That is why is worth admiring the weight and consistency that this garment keeps despite the times and novelties that compete with it each season.

Different mens polo shirt

Mens polo shirt has adapted to our times and keeps surprising us with a wide variety of different proposals with different shapes, styles and colours. There are different pattern cuts and different lengths, you can wear them tight or loose, tucked to the pants (in this case always with a belt) or over the pants for a more casual look.

Dare to stand out and create a different outfit for each occasion with our polo shirts. They adapt to a casual look, an sportive look or even an elegant look.

They are perfect for an office look with dress pants. With jeans or twill chino pants for a walk or having a drink with friends. Combine it with ripped jeans, with a leather jacket, a denim jacket or an open sweatshirt.

It is a casual and informal garment, very versatile that allows you to be perfect in every occasion. With a polo shirt you are always right.


Mens polo shirt colour palette

The colour palette is wide. Mens polo shirt in its more basic version with plain colours like white or black, grey or brown, always right choices.

To wear it with the best style chose the colour that fits better with your skin colour.

If your complexion is dark the best option are  light colours so you highlight, grey shades, white or blue are a good option.

On the other side, if your complexion is more clear, brown colours, beige or navy blue will fit you perfectly.

Nonetheless, I do not want to set out to pontificate on this subject. This is just a generalized indication. When it comes to choosing a color, one must always consider what pair of pants, shoes or jacket is he going to combine it with and you have to take in consideration as well your personal taste that does not always have to be on trend.

Long sleeve mens polo shirt

Generally the polo shirt is associated with the good weather, in summer, but in Yellow Skin we wanted to go ahead and give the polo shirt a use for every season. That is why you can also find long sleeve polo shirts in our website.

Our long sleeves polo shirt are as versatile, comfortable and stylish as the short sleeved ones that you already know. For the office or an event that requires a more sophisticated  dress code, you could combine them easily with cardigans or a v-neck sweater, a blazer or a trench coat. Also with a jacket, parka or a more sportive jacket for informal date.

As you can see the versatility of this garment does not have an end.

Manufactured in Spain

Our mens polo shirt are 100% made in Spain, which guarantees a safe qualified manufacturing besides from supporting the manufacturing of your country.

Mens polo shirt, Best quality

Made with first quality material, in most cases 100% cotton that gives the garment a pleasant and comfort feeling to our polo shirts.

We take care of the process of the manufacturing in order to elaborate the best product possible, so that we make sure our clients are satisfied and want to keep wearing our clothing.


Cheap mens polo shirt

We know the quality is very important and that it is paid, nonetheless in Yellow Skin we think of our customers and we offer good quality with good prices, offering unbeatable value for money.

Do not overthink and choose right now the polo shirt that fits better your personality and stand out.